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Year 101     Monday   June 08
, 2020    Week 23  Day 6




Param Guru Huzur Sahabji Maharaj


            The inhabitants of some countries have very independent views. There are two reasons for their freedom of thought and independence:-

            (1) in their opinion, their country is not subject to the rule of any other country,

            (2) they know that nature has given them everything and they are not dependent for anything on anyone.

            They are very proud of these two things and it is for this reason that they possess a fearless and independent nature. We do not, however, desire to have independence of this kind. We desire independence which may be the outcome of our sincere faith in Merciful Radhasoami. Such independence would have at its back and as its basis true humility and meekness, instead of pride or egotism. There is no person or authority over the people of other countries in comparison to whom they may find themselves small and also believe themselves to be so, and naturally therefore their heart is full of vanity and egotism. But the person who has sincere faith in the Supreme Being would, on the one hand, be quite unafraid and independent of all others as he has full knowledge of the omnipotence of the Supreme Being and on the other, he would always be quite humble and meek as he is fully conscious of the Lord being his Protector and also omnipotent. Of course, it is true that such a state would be possible only when Satsangis in general receive darsana internally as without this a devotee's faith remains uncertain and he may waver at any time, but as long as a Satsangi is not blessed with such Grace, he should, on the basis of his existing faith, live a carefree and independent life and even in conditions of poverty and distress, should repose confidence in the Lord's protection and help and live in peace. One may perhaps say that adhikara would be needed even to carry out this direction. This is of course true but there is no reason for being perturbed, for the Satsang community is through Grace marching forward every day. A devotee has to pass through three stages in order to be able to obtain Special Grace of the Supreme Being:-

            (a) the samskaras of his previous lives should be such as would allow Special Grace being shown to him;

            (b) a desire for being blessed with Special Grace should arise in his heart;

            (c) he should prove himself capable and fit to receive the Special Grace.

            When a devotee has passed through these three stages, then alone he gets the Lord's Special Grace. The Satsang Community through grace is at present in the second stage i.e., the samskaras of our previous births allow Special Grace being shown to us and intense desire to receive that Special Grace is quite active in our hearts. The only deficiency now is that of our fitness to receive special grace and this deficiency is being gradually removed. As soon as this takes place, Special Grace will, without doubt, be vouchsafed to the community generally and when Special Grace is received, internal darsana pertaining to one region or the other would generally be granted.               

(To be continued ..)